Levatwa [2014]

by Levatwa Records

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MC Timmy blends various styles of music (namely breeds of rock) with Hip Hop for his 26th release. Tracks 1-8 Mixed/Mastered By PokedEyeProductions. The First album to be released on Levatwa (formerly Faceless Pigeon Records.) Dedicated to the soul of Colton Coffman (1999-2014), rest in peace little brother. "Levatwa" is a word Colton coined meaning "Whatever Shall Be, Shall Be" as well as the name of our jam band. The Dragon Yin Yang was designed and engraved by Colton. Pat Downey, Co-founder of Levatwa Records, and lead singer/guitarist of Not Quite Dry (Colton's Band) makes a solid pressence in Track 1. Iceman of MC Timmy's duo Lords of The Galaxies ( lordsofthegalaxies.bandcamp.com ) lends vocals to 2 tracks on the album as well, including the 4th installment of Demon In The Microphone. Tracks 3-5 are also known as "The Break Up Trilogy."


released July 22, 2014



all rights reserved


MC Timmy of Levatwa Records Cortez, Colorado

Kyle Wheeler, known by his stage name "MC Timmy" hails from the great land of Utah...(also the land of idiot Mormons). Timmy has been rapping since he was in 3rd grade and now, at 24 years old, Timmy is still laying down a punk influenced grimey hip hop sound. Too many albums, mixtapes and ep's to count...MC Timmy has a solid discography of original work. More: lordsofthegalaxies.bandcamp.com ... more

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Track Name: Demon In The Microphone IV Feat. Iceman
(MC Timmy)
Fuck each and every one of you
They said "tone down."
I never sold out
My passion keeps movin the whole crowd
they said "slow down"
I know that they know now, they got nowhere left to go.
Shoulda stuck to yah guts and stuck to somethin.
Now they're nothin, my music's bumpin.
All you do is get drunk, didn't pay the right dues.
It's the choices you make that define you.
You should have learned dat by now.
You still could live right now.
Left foot, right foot out.
Left foot, right foot, out.
Turn off your TV,
Steady thinking,
Don't relax and steady up that drinking.
Save the party for the times you deserve it.
Do you really wanna live life worthless?

CHORUS (Iceman)
You can say I am so far away
You can say I don't care
(MC Timmy "I don't care, nah)
So you just say what you wanna say
So you could say I don't care

(MC Timmy)
I just keep spittin, guess it's just my fuckin instinct
steady always in sync, demon always in me.
I said leave.
I spoke "Go."
Asked nicely, "Leave me alone."
But she won't.
(she) has ahold of my soul.
The seed has been sewn so I can't escape from her grip and who knows (oh) how much longer this possession will go?
It's no profession cause I'm broke.
Thanks Demon In The Microphone.
That ain't thanks in a nice way.
That's the thanks that you say when you're pissed bray.
Hey girl you ain't my bro, why I say that?
Hah, you ain't even real; fuckin lame ass.
But spittin on your face is the best thing that I can do.
So what?
A million other mother fuckers can to.
Or they say so.
Make um think so.
Do what they say, no.
Never blink no.


(MC Timmy)
Talk what you will.
Act how you do, cause I don't give a fuck.
Front; I can see the truth.
Say what you want of me
But do it calmly;
Cause if you wanna fight you be gone to me.
Cause I don't have time to fuck with your bullshit.
It's all bullshit.
I'm so sick of fuckin with all your bullshit.